Why Should You Include A Deck In The Garden?

Decking is the perfect opportunity to extend your home right into the garden. When it comes to decking construction, timber material is the most popular choice. It is not only cost-effective, but also very durable. If you want to make your garden more useful and practical, decking is the best option available. It has become a widespread alternative to traditional hard terraces and patios all over Dublin.

Decking makes it clear that even the gardens can be used as an exterior room right under the wide open sky.

Why Do People Prefer Timber Decking?

Timber decking is the most popular choice because it is highly flexible and provides extra recreational space for children, partying, dining and relaxing. Whatever be the reasons for building a deck, it’s one of the most attractive installations of a home.

Different Types Of Decks :

There are different types of decks which you can include in a garden design. They are basically:

Platform Decks

Low ground

Platform decks are among the simplest form of decking. They are usually built on a level and attached to the dwellings. Railings are not that necessary as these are low to the ground. However, homeowners should find other attractive ways to highlight the perimeter. A series of plant tubs and pots along with bench seating are good ways to achieve an aesthetic appeal. Remember, as they are closer to the ground, platform decks must be waterproofed to be safe from severe damage and infestation. Every structural material must be pressure treated or rated for ground contact.

Raised decks

Raised decks offer a great view to the outdoor space. However, if you want to opt for this option, it’s worth installing railings. You can also include staircases for easy access to the garden while being safe. A raised deck often has exposed foundation posts which can further be concealed with climbing plants or skirting. If you’re choosing a typical skirting, do not forget to add lath or lattice panels, which must be fitted between the deck and the ground.

Two story decks

Two story decks are great for aesthetic challenges. They provide a clear outdoor access to the upper levels of a house, while the extra decking is just a plus. Above all, a two story deck along with the structural posts and bracing create a great perspective for the viewers.

Hire a reputed and skilled carpenter in Dublin to build a jaw dropping deck while enhancing the looks of your garden.

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