What Are The Advantages Of Timber Roof Trusses?

As a basic rule, whether it is an industrial, residential or commercial building, the roof is the most important component as it provides shelter to the occupants from the external elements. The roofing system is also the largest and the most expensive component of the building. This means before investing, you should have proper knowledge to create an aesthetically pleasing and sound structure.

  • Roof Trusses :

When it comes to roof trusses, there are generally two types of materials available – steel and wood. A roof truss is the structural framework constructed to bridge the space above the room while providing generous support to the roof. Usually they occur at regular intervals, which is further linked by longitudinal timbers called purlins.

While steel trusses provide ease of handling and construction, there remain some huge drawbacks like maintenance cost and low thermal resistance. On the contrary, timber or wood trusses provide greater advantages compared to their steel counterpart.

  • Advantages Of Timber Roof Trusses :

Flexibility And Versatility

Roof trusses made of timber have a great advantage of being versatile and also match with other structural components. They can even be amalgamated with various other components, like glulam and steel beams. They are best for large open spaces as they have long spans without requiring intermediate supports. This means architects and designers can work freely, resulting in unique structural design. Furthermore, the partitions can also be moved (if required) without compromising the structural integrity of the construction.


Whatever be the product, timber is known to be eco-friendly. Timber planks require significantly less energy and minimise air & water pollution. The best thing about the material is that it’s renewable and strongly defines sustainable development. You just need to hire a carpenter in Dublin to construct the roof trusses as per your requirements.


Installing wooden roof trusses does not require the application of heavy machinery. The components are light in weight and thus, can be lifted into place quiet easily. They do not contribute to the waste generated on-site and make the clean-up process cost-effective.

Durability and strength

With the help of timber trusses, you can easily eliminate the majority of the on-site framing problems. Roof trusses made of timber provides accurate fabrication and quality as they are available in uniform sizes and shapes. It has been seen that the structural integrity of a building is also at its best.

Considering the building codes, it is best to opt for timber roof trusses and also create the best roofing platform for the building.

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