What Is The Difference Between A Patio And A Deck?

Which one is the best option for you, a patio or a deck? Choosing anyone of them can be difficult without knowing their proper definition. Patio is a Spanish word for a courtyard of a house or building. The courtyard can be an open space surrounded by walls or other structures, or an area of ground adjacent to a building.

Patios can either be attached or detached to a house. They are often designed to bring unique landscaping ideas into a property. Based on the style, patios can be built with a variety of materials, including concrete, pavers, stone, tile, brick, pebbles and more. Since patios are built at or around ground level, they don’t require safety railings.

On the contrary, decks are primarily made of wood or a composite wood material. Generally timber decks are made of redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. They are further categorised into hardwood and softwood decking. Proper maintenance and expert designing of the decks can offer you beauty and warmth unlike any other material. You can stretch out on a deck without a cushion and still be quite comfortable.

Similar to patios, decking can be also be attached to a house or freestanding. Decks are often built to take advantage of a view due to the raised platform. However, decks often need railings around them.

How big does your decking have to be?
Similar to patios, your deck is an area where you can include a number of leisure additions like a unique easy chair, a hammock, a swing, etc. Thus, choosing the area where it can be built is a big issue. But as a basic rule, you must allocate an area based on your design and the additional leisure elements you want to include.

Building a deck in the summer season is a good idea. Thus, if you only want to use it for relaxing and enjoying the breeze, it only needs to be big enough for a couple of lounge chairs and maybe a table. You can also add some walking space, but that doesn’t need to have a large deck. Whether it will be a large or a small decking, the construction of a deck depends upon the extra open space you have. You must always contact an expert carpenter in Dublin to come up with distinctive ideas.

Decking is as easy as building a patio. All you need is proper planning with the help of a professional.

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